Online Course

The learning objectives for the OPENING DOORS online course entitled: “Opening Your Research To Collaborative Futures”, have been informed by three separate stakeholder engagement processes: stakeholder interviews in three countries (Work Package 1), a curriculum co-design “world-cafe” event and an “industry check” of the proposed curriculum (Work Package 2).

The learning objectives are as follows:

  1. Build awareness of, and practice using open innovation frameworks and tools to facilitate co-creation and innovative thinking with stakeholders to increase the societal value of research.
  2. Build awareness of, and practice using a selection of open science tools and approaches including ethical considerations such as research integrity and data management.
  3. Design and implement collaborative projects with other researchers (from different sectors, disciplines and geographies), with other industry or community groups, understanding the importance of process as well as outcomes.
  4. Communicate and open your research up to a variety of international stakeholders including researchers from other disciplines, community organisations, governments, businesses, and civil society.
  5. Articulate and explain your knowledge, worldview, methodologies and research goals and be able to respectfully engage on these topics across sectoral and disciplinary boundaries.
  6. Create a plan for professional development and the development of a professional network to support traditional and/or non-traditional career paths that align to your values, talents and interests.

Once the live online course was completed, we curated the course materials so that it could be accessed as an online stand-alone learning resource in open science and open innovation, through the following link: This resource is not structured in a linear fashion, rather it is meant to be used in different ways by different users. The resource is designed for users to browse and to find topics/reflections relevant to them. It is divided into three themes:

  1. Team Science
  2. Open Science
  3. Research Communication and Career Planning

Student blog posts from the course are also made available on the website.