Networked PhD Education

A collaborative, interdisciplinary, intersectoral and international learning experience for early career researchers in Open Science and Open Innovation – applicable to all academic disciplines

The Project

OPENING DOORS is an EU funded project that addresses a gap that often exists in PhD education globally - the opportunity to work collaboratively with other early career researchers from different disciplines and countries on “real-world”, applied problems. Through extensive stakeholder engagement with PhD employers and graduates working in open science and open innovation networks across Europe, and PhD educators and employers based in academia, the Opening Doors team have come to an understanding of the kinds of competencies and personal attributes that are valued in these settings. Based on this understanding, we have iteratively co-designed an open, online educational course in Open Science and Open Innovation with our network of stakeholders, entitled: “Opening Your Research To Collaborative Futures”.

Opening Your Research To Collaborative Futures

This 3-week online course is open to PhD students and postdoctoral researchers, internationally. It is based on a “challenge-based learning” model, whereby external partners contribute real “challenges” to the course curriculum that are of strategic importance to their organisation. As well as learning about open science and open innovation tools and competencies, course participants will be putting these into practice by working in small, interdisciplinary teams with an external organisation to address their challenge.

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Course Participant

If you are interested in coming onboard as an Opening Doors course participant, please register your interest below. The course will run on a Wednesday afternoon, all day Thursday and all day Friday, for three weeks. Exact dates are yet to be confirmed, but planned for the last quarter of 2021. You will receive a certificate of completion on submitting your coursework. As part of this pilot project, course participants will take part in a course evaluation.

External Partner

If you are interested in coming onboard as an Opening Doors external partner, please register your interest below. You will be invited to submit an authentic challenge that is of strategic importance to your organisation and ideally, with wider societal relevance. The challenge would need to be complex enough to need interdisciplinary inputs and perspectives at the PhD level. As we will be encouraging course participants to be creative in their approaches to the challenge, we would ask that you bring an open mind as to how your challenge might be addressed.

Opening Doors Facilitator

If you are interested in coming onboard as an Opening Doors facilitator, please register your interest below. Experienced facilitators will guide course participants in their engagements with external partners, and their interdisciplinary efforts to address these real-world challenges.

Course registration will be opening in October 2021. If you would like to get involved in this project as a course participant, an external partner or an Opening Doors facilitator please register your interest now and a member of the Opening Doors team will be in touch with you.

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