The OPENING DOORS consortium brings together expertise in interdisciplinary doctoral education, open science, skills intelligence and online learning environments, and is funded under the H2020 “Science with and for Society” programme.


University College Dublin (Ireland) and Insight Centre for Data Analytics

Dr Denise McGrath, a funded investigator in the Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics and Chair of the Centre’s Education and Public Engagement committee, will lead the overall scientific and administrative coordination of OPENING DOORS. She will be supported by Associate Professor Tara Cusack, an expert in educational evaluation and interdisciplinary education and coordinator of the CHAMELEONS programme which will provide invaluable insights and networks that will be leveraged to enhance both projects. Dr. Eleni Makri joins the Insight Centre as the research scientist on the project, with expertise in behavioural change and Human-Computer Interaction, and ICT education and learning.

Partner organisations

Aarhus University (Denmark)

Led by Associate Professor Christian Dalsgaard, Associate Professor Soren Smedegaard Bengsten and Associate Professor Francesco Caviglia, the Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media (TDM) at Aarhus University will provide expertise in doctoral education and supervision, open science, educational technology and digital media in learning. Aarhus will lead the development and deployment of the open online platform in OPENING DOORS.

Maynooth University (Ireland)

Dr Nicola Mountford with expertise in interdisciplinary doctoral education and vast experience in designing and leading MSCA Innovation Training Networks will lead the curriculum co-designing within OPENING DOORS.

National Training Fund (Czech Republic)

Led by Michal Janíčko, the National Training Fund has extensive experience in providing services in the area of employment, human resources development and further professional education. Their expertise will be vital to the creation of guidelines for a targeted analysis of skills sought by employers, which will inform the curriculum co-design of the educational intervention.

Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (Japan)

Professor Yasuhisa Kondo, an expert in theory and methods of open science, participatory action research and transdisciplinary research will provide a valuable insight on how to communicate and cultivate fluency of ideas within transdisciplinary/cross-sectoral teams.